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This is an archive of previous versions of the CFEngine documentation up to version 3.0.

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Upgrade CFEngine 2 to CFEngine 3

Advance from CFEngine 2 to the CFEngine 3 Family

Plan a CFEngine architecture

CFEngine can be used on or off-line, and is fault-tolerant to network outages. CFEngine has scalable tools that go beyond one-size-fits-all industrial mass production, to solve highly customized, federated environmental requirements.

Create Service management

Define and ensure compliance

Auditors for PCI, SOX, HIPPA, STIGS etc. love CFEngine management as it brings reliable predictability to systems

Orchestrate complex processes

CFEngine is a decentralized system, which you can orchestrate in a fault-tolerant manner without strong reliance on networked communications.

Integrate with System Monitoring

CFEngine's automated repair and self-healing means it has to know about your system state and can report on this. CFEngine's approach to monitoring complements other tools like Nagios, Groundwork, etc. by putting scalability first, with smart trending and analysis.

Ensure Speed, Scale and Agility

CFEngine's design is fast and lightweight, for maximum responsiveness. In today's environment, speed itself is the product.

Secure your Systems with CFEngine

Integrate CFEngine into an ecosystem

CFEngine's is the ultimate glue, offering unlimited customizability. Using a knowledge-oriented approach, you can cope with integration and put it in context.

Get Reports from CFEngine

Browse the knowledge and structures that CFEngine discovers and manages about your systems.

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