Cloud Management with CFEngine

As more and more organizations increase their IT flexibility, scalability and agility with the cloud, they need a way to automate deployment, monitoring & reporting capabilities.  CFEngine can help:

CFEngine helps you manage cloud infrastructure at all levels

Cloud infrastructure needs to be managed both "from the outside" by creating, allocating and destroying resources (VM instances, storage allocations, networking settings and structure, etc.) and "from the inside" by ensuring each individual resource is operating correctly in its internal operation. CFEngine can ensure that your cloud infrastructure is operating autonomously, consistently and efficiently at all levels. Using CFEngine, you can create and destroy cloud resources (for example, virtual machines in Amazon EC2 or VMware) as specified by your policy, and even dynamically in response to certain conditions. At the same time, CFEngine can run on each individual node to ensure its internal configuration and operation are automatically kept compliant and correct. CFEngine's extremely low footprint (both in terms of storage and CPU utilization) makes it ideal for large-scale deployment on every single node of a cloud infrastructure without increasing your costs.


Configure VMs from outside the Cloud


Use the CFEngine Design Center Cloud::Services sketch to manage and configure VMs from outside the cloud:


Using the CFEngine Design Center to Configure & Manage Cloud Services
Using the CFEngine Design Center to Configure
& Manage Cloud Services
CFEngine Integration with VMware vSphere 5 (ESXi)
CFEngine Integration with VMware vSphere 5 (ESXi)




Configure VMs from inside the Cloud


Get the Cloud under Orion's belt! Just upload the CFEngine Orion Cloud Pack, select services, and run CFEngine once to get all the benefits of self-healing automation on your cloud computers.

  • Quick route to managed cloud services
  • Self-repairing automation for dependable business continuity.
  • Choose between More than 20 popular services out of the box.
Private Cloud Management with CFengine


Extra benefits for CFEngine 3 Enterprise users

  • Integrated monitoring and reporting for no extra work
  • Scalable installation procedure
  • Compliance and auditing capabilities
  • Trending and performance statistics
  • Manage databases and integrate with LDAP
  • Native Windows support and integration
  • Knowledge Management built in

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