CFEngine Community

CFEngine Community Edition is the Open Source foundation of CFEngine’s innovative configuration management technology that helps systems administrators automate and ensure the availability, security and compliance of mission-critical applications and services. CFEngine Community is licensed under the Gnu General Public License GPL.

CFEngine Enterprise offers many advanced features and functionality that transform the Community Edition into an enterprise class software product. A feature comparison guide is available here. You can also download a free 25 license version of the Enterprise Edition.


Latest Stable Release – 3.7.1 LTS

NB! This is a LTS release.

NOTE: The Red Hat / CentOS 6 package provides stability and performance enhancements for these platforms, but these platforms can also use the generic 64-bit RPM-based package

Latest Maintenance Release – 3.6.6

Please see previous releases if you are looking for a different version.


CFEngine Repositories

If you want to get packages from our repositories you can find instructions for how to configure your system here.

Source Code

If you are looking for the source code for all CFEngine releases the tarballs are available for download.