Configuration Management

Manage and maintain the consistency of large-scale IT systems across tens of thousands of server and desktop computers using CFEngine Enterprise, as well as a broad range of network and mobile devices. Achieve repeatable and error-free infrastructure configuration and application deployment.

  • Take advantage of a highly available, resilient, and fault-tolerant platform for scaling your infrastructure.
  • Converge systems to desired state with best-in-class execution time.
  • Make configuration changes using a powerful GUI interface.


IT Compliance

CFEngine can significantly simplify the implementation and compliance of IT regulations and security policies through a decentralized, small agent footprint architecture that enables continuous system-wide monitoring and automatic self-repair.

  • Implement real-time compliance dashboards to define custom compliance policies and set compliance alerts.
  • Monitor system configuration changes in real time.
  • Produce compliance reports and complete audits in hours instead of weeks.

Security Enforcement and Auditing

Take advantage of the best security track record in the industry with CFEngine Enterprise’s ‘Active Security’ approach that continuously runs checks of settings, files, databases, services and registries, and automatically corrects ‘system drift’ from defined desired state when required.

  • Resistant to compromise due to lack of dependencies on scripting libraries.
  • Full file integrity monitoring and file change management capabilities.
  • No published security vulnerabilities according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Vulnerability Database.

Cloud Management

CFEngine Enterprise ensures that your public or private cloud infrastructure is operating autonomously, consistently and efficiently at all levels. Its extremely low-footprint architecture make it ideal for large-scale deployments on every single node of cloud infrastructure without increasing costs.

  • Create and destroy cloud resources on platforms such as Amazon EC2 or VMware as specified by policy or dynamically in response to certain conditions.
  • Quickly bring real or virtual machines online in seconds or minutes without human intervention.
  • Build and rebuild your infrastructure quickly on demand.


CFEngine Enterprise includes a powerful built-in capabilities to provide complete visibility into every aspect of your infrastructure. CFEngine’s local agents enable monitoring to scale to tens of thousands of hosts without impacting performance.

  • Use the Mission Portal GUI to get a centralized real-time view into your infrastructure, set alerts, and track system changes.
  • Reveal trends and patterns on meaningful information at a glance.
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box inventory capabilities to gain insight into metrics such as web traffic, user statistics, boot times, and hardware information such as CPU, OS, memory, BIOS, and more.

Windows Management

Automate IT infrastructure with CFEngine Enterprise’s built-in support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows clients and servers, including Windows 2008 and 2012.

  • Directly manage the Windows registry and Windows Access Control Lists (ACLs).
  • Maintain complete control of the state of all Windows services.