Community Advisory Board Q4 2016

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17 Nov 2016

The notes from the Q4 2016 meeting can be found in the github repository.

This meeting marks 2 years for the Community Advisory Board. As a reminder the
current board members include:

  • Bas van der Vlies
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Mike Svoboda
  • Ted Zlatanov
  • Neil Watson
  • Eystein Stenberg
  • Nick Anderson
  • The general consensus was that the meetings have been valuable and we should
    continue the efforts. We have decided to pilot having the next advisory board
    meeting in #cfengine instead of #cfengine-cab in order to increase community
    awareness and get additional input from other users with different perspectives.

    As always if you have input or would like the Community Advisory Board to
    consider a topic please consider opening a pull request to the topics, emailing or by reaching out directly to one of the
    board members.