CFEngine 3.8.0 non-LTS released!

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05 Dec 2015

We’re happy to announce that CFEngine 3.8.0 non-LTS now is released!

A big thanks to everyone testing the 3.8.0 beta release! During the month it has been available, the 3.8.0 beta has seen hundreds of downloads widely distributed across platforms, both in Community and Enterprise editions. This testing helps ensure high quality of the final release. Of course, bugfixes in recently released 3.7.2 are also incorporated into 3.8.0.

Please note that this is a non-LTS release, which means that it is maintained for 6 months from the release date and not supported for CFEngine Enterprise customers (but packages are available for testing). The established CFEngine release schedule gives an overview over the release timelines for all releases.


Changes and improvements

3.8 brings numerous new features for the policy language, most notably http support with the url_get() function, body inheritance, and support for persistent classes through the module protocol.

The locations of log files have been cleaned up and standardized under /var/cfengine/log. Furthermore, some unnecessary log files like cf3.$(hostname -s).runlog have been removed. This leads to a significant performance improvement for storage access and makes it easier to work with the remaining log files, e.g. to mount them to separate partitions.

All packaged dependencies have been upgraded to their latest version to bring in the latest security, performance and reliability improvements.  In order to support the the url_get() function, libcurl is added as a library packaged with CFEngine 3.8 and future versions, which also enables http support for other interesting features in the future!

Please see the Community Change Log and Enterprise Change Log for a detailed list of new features and changes.

We highly appreciate community contributors for pull requests that made it in time for 3.8, and we’re looking forward to incorporating the pending ones into the 3.9 release!



If you’re upgrading an existing CFEngine Enterprise installation, check out the upgrade documentation for guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible.


Get it!

If you are using the Community Edition, we provide you with source code, and packages for 3.8.0!

If you are an Enterprise customer, please note that 3.8 is a non-LTS release and thus not covered under the support contract. If you would like to test 3.8.0, the Enterprise packages can be downloaded here.

We hope you enjoy 3.8.0, and we look forward to hearing about your experience in the CFEngine Google Group!

Eystein Maloy Stenberg