The five-day masterclass will be held in Prague, Chech Republic, and run from January 14th through January 18th and be managed in an Agile Scrum fashion, with students working in a team and in parallel in a DevOps role. We achieve a faster learning curve because each student works on his or her selected task and benefits from the achievements of the others.

Operating systems come in Brands and versions. We use the excellent CFEngine classification mechanisms to create a structured set of policies tuned to the platform in place. The classes also provide the vehicle to navigate through the various layers, common and specific, of the solution. In the course, we cover the creation of policies that harden and patch the systems.

Who should attend?

System administrators with basic or advanced knowledge of system administration seeking to increase their effectiveness through Automation.

Deliverables of the Masterclass

By the end of the five-day course, students are able:

  • To develop, test and debug a structured solution
  • Make optimal use of strong features like classification and file manipulation
  • Build complex installs with packages and configurations
  • Build a maintainable solution that deals with platform evolution and the business environment
  • Integrate the user solution with the standardized policy sets provided
  • Build a scalable and lasting solution
  • Automate deployment of the CFEngine solution

Course setup

The Scrum style course has an advantage over the classroom style course, in which the velocity is determined by the slowest student. In the Scrum setup, all students take part in:

  • The lecturing presented every day
  • The daily standup, in which they explain
  • Daily progress
  • Impediments
  • Today’s work, activities, and learning goals
  • A daily demo in which each student presents the results to the group
  • Maintain the course backlog and choose new tasks from the backlog
  • Students vote to propagate additions to the Course Master Branch

In this setup students benefit from each other, all students become as fast and skilled as the entire group. The objective is to have the working setup available to all students, including the work in all the branches of the fellow students.

Student support

Students will be supported by:

  • A set of private Virtual Machines and a testing facility
  • Branches in the Course Versioning Repository
  • Course material
  • Sets of standard policies
  • The full repository at the end of the course

Students bring their own device, a laptop with a wireless connection. We will configure Linux systems, so many students prefer to bring a Linux system. We also support and accommodate students overseas in different time zones.

CFEngine Masterclass

CFEngine Made Easy

Provide a head start by supplying a complete framework and working environment

CFEngine Fundamentals

Of course, we will do some lecturing on the Domain Specific Language (DSL), Nuts and Bolts

  • Promise Theory
  • Promises of desired system state
  • Promise attributes
  • The CFEngine 3 Data Types

CFEngine Classification and Navigation

Classification with hard and soft classes is a very strong feature offered by CFEngine

  • Organizing the code through classification
  • Navigation using defined and pre-defined classes
  • Develop a CFEngine client-server system
  • Security, like automated patching and hardening
  • Managing stuff, monitoring and process control
  • CFEngine Advanced Concepts
  • CFEngine Enterprise

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