CFEngine integrates with New Relic to help IT-organizations roll-out New Relic server agents, and ensure that they are always running across any infrastructure.


  • Automatic installation of New Relic server agents
  • Self-healing to ensure the New Relic service is always (24/7/365) running
  • New nodes will automatically get New Relic installed (no more manual work)
  • Easy and risk-free decommission of the service (if you just want to test and play with New Relic)
  • New Relic Standard is free, for unlimited servers, forever, to CFEngine users – simply visit and signup on that page to get this offer (a savings of $29/server/month)


Why use the New Relic sketch?

If monitoring of your resources with New Relic becomes mission-critical service assurance that each resources always has New Relic operational is critical. CFEngine will provide you with this assurance.

If you want to play with and test New Relic, CFEngine allows you to do so quickly and risk-free (no need to remember where you installed it, how to stop and/or uninstall the service).

How does it work?

Once you activate the New Relic sketch, CFEngine will ensure that the New Relic server agent is installed and running on any nodes based on the pattern you decide. If any unplanned change result in removal of New Relic packages or files, or stopping of the service, CFEngine will self-heal the system back into its desired state which means that all necessary files exists and the correct daemons are running.  When you add new nodes that match the pattern of “New Relic nodes” CFEngine will automatically install and ensure New Relic is running. No more manual work, or checklists to remember.


On your whole infrastructure, or any pattern defined set of nodes, you can:

    • Install New Relic
    • Uninstall New Relic
    • Ensure the New Relic service is running
    • Ensure the New Relic is not running (but keep the files)


Learn More:

Watch this 5 minute demo to see how
easy it is to install and run New Relic on
100 nodes.     


Click here to test it for yourself!