CFEngine inducted into the

JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation


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CFEngine Enterprise

SCALABILITY: 5,000+ hosts per policy server

EASE OF USE: UI-driven Configuration Management

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 CFEngine’s innovative technology has enabled JPMorgan Chase to achieve global consistency of our dynamic configuration environment, resulting in cost savings, risk mitigation, efficiency and faster time to market. CFEngine has made standardization easier to achieve, allowing systems to manage themselves and converge to their desired state. 

Reynold Jabbour
Managing Director,
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

 CFEngine Enterprise 3.5 can enable significant business value by supporting explosive growth in infrastructure without the need for equivalent increases in personnel. LinkedIn, one of CFEngine's customers that we interviewed, leverages CFEngine to bring new data centers into production within 10 minutes using a very small team of administrators. 

Jay Lyman
Senior Analyst,
451 Research

 Locaweb has more than 200,000 businesses running their servers in our Cloud. CFEngine Enterprise, with its small footprint, superior security track record and enormous flexibility, is the only solution that works for us and keeps us on track with our growth strategy. 

Sal Jamil
CTO, Locaweb

 Enova is a technology firm that provides financial services to more than two million individuals worldwide. "CFEngine plays a key role to ensuring the reliability and compliance of our IT infrastructure, We are keen users of and contributors to CFEngine Design Center, because it allows us to validate our policies with some of the brightest minds in the CFEngine community. 

Chad Slaugther
Chief Architect,
Enova International, Inc.

 LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world and is currently the 10th largest website in the US by traffic. Our operations team will make around 5-10 production changes per day. CFEngine provides the automation framework and gives us the ability to continue to scale operationally. 

Mike Svoboda
Senior Unix Engineer, LinkedIn


Servers Under Management

Configuration Drifts Repaired in 2013

How It Works

CFEngine manages the full life-cycle of your IT infrastructure. It has a powerful language and tools to define the desired state of your infrastructure, whether a single server or a complex, global network with many thousands servers, storage and network devices. Powerful agent technology then ensures that this state is continuously maintained.  And the CFDB and Mission Portal help you verify and report on compliance with the defined state.

CFEngine - how it works

CFEngine is the industry leader in automation of large-scale, software defined IT-infrastructure.

CFEngine helps IT organizations improve productivity in times of growing demands and constrained resources. With CFEngine IT organizations provision new services 10x faster, while providing continuous availability and security compliance. Known for its ability to handle scale and complexity, CFEngine enables even the largest organizations in the world to become more agile. CFEngine has users in more than 100 countries, including many of the world’s largest financial organizations, as well as companies like IBM, eBay, Cisco, Qualcomm, AMD, US Navy, US Energy Department, NASA AT&T, Chevron and Linkedin.

CFEngine is estimated to run on more than 10 million servers worldwide, executing billions of configuration checks every hour and automatically fixing thousands of system drifts that otherwise would have destabilized the infrastructure and required manual correction.

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