5 days training – Prague, Czech Republic

Automating System Administration using CFEngine 3

Learn CFEngine basics and practice using CFEngine to solve real-world problems. Bring your configuration management challenges, and we’ll solve them with the guidance of our experienced moderator. Running from September 28th – October 3rd.

The course will be presented by Vertical Sysadmin, Inc., authorized CFEngine trainer.

Who should attend this course:
Anyone interested in learning, hands-on, how to automate IT-operations at small to very large scale using best-in-class industry standards.

One-day training – New York, NY

CFEngine 3: Automating System Administration

Designed for System Administrators and Architects, this class will present an in-depth overview of how to use CFEngine to automate and manage large-scale IT infrastructure.

Through a combination of theory, practical examples, and hands-on tutorial, our experienced trainer will demonstrate how CFEngine can be used for a wide range of common SysAdmin tasks.

Topics to be covered:

  • What is CFEngine?
  • The Theory Behind CFEngine
  • CFEngine DSL and components
  • Quick Start Installation
  • Policy distribution
  • Best-practice policy structure
  • Large-scale policy deployment
  • Application deployment
  • Local User Management
  • Process & Service management
  • Editing File Content
  • Remote execution
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • System hardening
  • 1 day CFEngine Policy-Writing Workshop, New York

    Get hands on experience automating your operations with CFEngine 3

    Bring your configuration management challenges, solve them in a group setting, and take back working code!

    Who should attend this workshop?
    Anyone with at least a basic knowledge of system administration interested in automating server configuration and maintainance using CFEngine policy.

    What you will take back to work
    A thorough grounding in automating system administration using CFEngine 3 and the ability to implement configuration policies. You will be able to automatedly handle and control files, processes, packages, and commands to ensure Correct and Known Configurations on your servers. You will know how to set up CFEngine client-server to use use CFEngine at scale. All your burning CFEngine questions will be addressed and you will get help solving your configuration issues.
    No prior knowledge of CFEngine is required. Attendees are expected to be familiar with command-line Linux/UNIX utilities and basic system administration tasks (installation software, setting up networking, etc).

    CFEngine Community Core, Enterprise extensions

    Part 1 will consist of 1-2 hours covering CFEngine 3 language fundamentals (exact length depends on participants).
    Part 2 will be a 4-5 hour policy-writing workshop. The workshop will be participant-driven. Topics may include:

    • organizing policies,
    • testing and deploying changes,
    • coordinating (orchestrating) changes in a distributed system,
    • additional topics as brought up by workshop participants (this will be most of the workshop!)

    Part 3: In addition to working through participant challenges, if time allows, we’ll review recent implementation problems and solutions from the help-cfengine mailing list.

    Workshop size
    The workshop is limited to 10 participants.