CFEngine Enterprise

CFEngine Enterprise is an IT automation platform that uses a model-based approach to manage your infrastructure, and applications at WebScale while providing best-in-class scalability, security, enterprise-wide visibility and control.

Intelligent Automation of Infrastructure

Policy-Based Application Deployment

Self-Healing Continuous Operations

Automate your infrastructure with self-service capabilities that extend and simplify your experience. CFEngine Enterprise enables you to take advantage of agile, secure, and scalable infrastructure automation that makes repairs using a policy-based approach. Achieve repeatable, error-free and automated deployment of middleware and application components to datacenter or cloud-based infrastructure. Along with infrastructure, automated application deployment provides a standardized platform Gain visibility into your infrastructure and applications and be alerted to issues immediately. CFEngine Enterprise contains built-in inventory and reporting modules that automate troubleshooting. Automate compliance checks and remediate in a self-healing fashion.

FreeDownload“CFEngine offers a programmatic approach to configuring infrastructure, which is different from most commercial configuration products. It offers a highly scalable approach, with a pull-based, distributed architecture.”
 Laurie F. Wurster, Ronni J. Colville, Gartner Research

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