CFEngine Products

CFEngine software automates large-scale IT computing infrastructure, ensuring the availability, security and compliance of mission-critical applications and services. Built upon well-established theory and high-quality engineering practices, CFEngine has enjoyed an outstanding security record over its 20-year history.

CFEngine comes in two editions -- designed for different types of users and budget levels.


CFEngine Community 3.5

CFEngine Enterprise 3.5

  • Open source

  • Declarative System Definition

  • Hands-free automation

  • Lightweight scalability

  • 5-Minute Configuration Updates

  • Virtualization Support

  • Manage MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Extensive user community

  • Mission Portal dashboard

  • Integration with Design Center

  • Enhanced support for Application Servers

  • Enhanced platform support

  • Continuous maintenance and real-time reporting

  • Performance and scalability

  • Analytics applications

  • SQL reporting

  • Commercial Support