CFEngine Solutions

Major challenges face IT managers and systems administrators today: limited resources to
manage constantly changing, increasingly complex business operations.
CFEngine solutions automate large-scale computing infrastructure, ensuring the availability, security and compliance of mission-critical applications and IT services, such as:


   Configuration Management    IT Compliance

Configuration Management is the science and art of managing and maintaining the consistency of large IT systems. For many global organizations, this infrastructure may include tens of thousands of server and desktop computers, as well as a broad range of network and mobile devices.

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CFEngine can significantly simplify the implementation and governance of IT regulations and security policies. Its autonomous agent architecture ensures continuous system-wide monitoring and automatic self-repair -- no matter how large or complex the infrastructure.

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   Cloud Services


As more and more organizations explore how the Cloud can increase their IT flexibility, scalability and agility, they need a way to automate deployment, monitoring & reporting capabilities.  CFEngine can help:

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CFEngine is a natural choice for managing security: it guards and repairs systems with a level of precision that you determine. Just choose the schedule for verifying promises and CFEngine will do the rest.

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    System Event Orchestration

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a repository of the authorized configuration of the significant components of an IT environment.  Sometimes called Asset or Inventory Management, CMDB stems from ITIL, a  set of best-practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT with the needs of the business.  CFEngine Nova uses its dynamic knowledge map and reports as a CMDB.

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Are you managing thousands of machines under strict SLAs?

You can use CFEngine to orchestrate your operations with great precision, using combinations of hardware, software and time/date properties. For instance, this allows systemwide upgrades without overloading the system or impacting its stability.

» Distributed Scheduling

» Scheduling & Event Management

   Monitoring & Performance

    Application Deployment

CFEngine comes with probing technology to monitor the performance of all nodes on the network. Monitor web traffic, user statistics, CPU, free disk space, memory and more.
Using compressed delta-based communication, CFEngine offers monitoring without impacting performance.

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CFEngine supports application deployment in various ways:  using CFEngine's package manager, operating systems' package manager (MSI for Microsoft Windows, RPM for RedHat etc.), file copying and remote command execution (e.g. service registration).

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