System Requirements

& Supported Operating Systems

CFEngine Enterprise is a commercial subscription offering built on the powerful and widely adopted open source CFEngine 3 project. 

Hardware requirements

The default CFEngine Enterprise architecture uses a single hub, or policy server, to publish changes of policy and to aggregate knowledge about the environment, but you can set up as many as you like to manage different parts of your organization independently. The CFEngine technology is not centralized by nature. Most users choose to centralize updating of policy and report aggregation for convenience however.

The default architecture and configuration skeleton of CFEngine Enterprise is expected to scale to a few thousand hosts with a dedicated policy hub. In such a case, your hub machine should have at least 2 GB of memory and a modern processor. For machines under CFEngine's management (hosts), a full installation of CFEngine 3 Enterprise requires about 20 MB of disk storage. Otherwise disk usage depends on your specific policies, especially those that concern reporting. Each software component (agent) typically uses under 10 MB of memory, but spikes in memory usage can occur if several agents run simultaneously. CFEngine recommends to have 256 MB available memory on the hosts.


Supported Operating Systems for the Policy Server

The policy server is only available for derivatives of the top GNU/Linux distributions (Debian, Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu), as these make available software that the policy server relies on for data storage and processing. Please note that CFEngine Free Enterprise is only available for Linux OSs. Operating system choices for the policy server in our commercial offering are:

  • RedHat 5, x86-64
  • RedHat 6, x86-64
  • SLES 11, x86-64
  • Debian 6, x86-64
  • Ubuntu 10.04, x86-64
  • Ubuntu 12.04, x86-64

Supported Operating Systems for Hosts

A full list of supported Operating Systems can be found on supported platforms page.

Please note that CFEngine Free Enterprise is only available for Linux OSs.


Other Operating Systems can be added upon request. Click here to contact us for more information.