CFEngine Whitepapers

CFEngine is an IT infrastructure automation framework that helps engineers, system administrators and other stakeholders in an IT organization to manage and understand IT infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. Learn how CFEngine can help your organization extract business value by adding scale, security and automation to your infrastructure.

Continuous Deployment and Continuous Operations Using CFEngine

Today, the boundaries between development and operations are in flux. Infrastructure is highly automated and is expected to deliver agreed upon business SLAs. At the same time, applications demand that the infrastructure deliver resiliency and scalability, combined with frequent deployment cycles. This collaboration and integration of development and operations disciplines in today’s virtual and cloud environments cannot be achieved using techniques and tools of the past.

CFEngine offers a two-pronged solution - development teams can continuously deploy applications as they release new builds with every code update, while operations can guarantee Service Assurance of the underlying infrastructure.

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Continuous Deployment White Paper



The Value of Highly Automated IT Operations

CFEngine helps IT-organizations increase their competitiveness through automation. A high degree of automation in IT-operations results in a reduced need for manual work, in increased security, quality of service and productivity.

CFEngine Enterprise enables highly automated IT-operations, regardless of system scale and complexity by:

  • Deploying Global Changes in Minutes
  • Continuously Maintaining Desired State

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Extracting Business Value from Scalable IT Operations

A large bank replaced a legacy server automation tool with CFEngine. To manage a system with 3,000  servers, the old tool required 200 management-servers. With CFEngine that requirement was reduced to just 3 policy hubs. The time required to deploy a system update went from 45 minutes to 16 seconds, and  the manual work for such update was reduced by an order of magnitude.

This whitepaper explains how CFEngine is able to grow with your business without impacting the speed at which new deployments occur, nor adding unnecessary complexity.

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  Extracting Business Value from Scalable IT Operations


Configuration Management from Within

The Impact of Configuration Management Security in IT Operations

Configuration Management solutions are security tools. They are used to make changes to IT systems, to automatically correct misconfigurations and to report on drifts in the way systems are set up. Many vulnerabilities are directly caused by faulty configurations, so security is closely linked to how well configuration management works.

CFEngine is built from bottom up with security in mind. Learn now it can keep your organization secure by continuously running checks of settings, files, databases, services and registries, and correcting them when required.

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