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Digging Up Bundles and Bodies

by Nick Anderson - January 31, 2014

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You never know when the Zombie or Cloud Apocalypse is coming. It’s good to be able to locate those buried bodies quickly and easily. OK, enough bad jokes, but haven’t you ever looked at some CFEngine policy and wondered to yourself, exactly what does “delete => tidy” or some other body or bundle do?


Announcing the 2013 CFEngine Champions

by Nick Anderson - January 23, 2014

Another year has passed and we would like to take a moment to thank the community members for their contributions. From speaking at conferences, epic blog posts, community meet-ups, to support on the CFEngine help list and in the IRC channel, new and veteran users alike don't have to look far to find inspiration or a helping hand. Each year we like to reflect on our many community contributors and honor those that have significantly enhanced the CFEngine Community. As such, it is my great honor to announce this year's CFEngine Champion Hall of Fame inductees.


My First CFEngine Meetup

by Adi Aloni - December 12, 2013

Having joined CFEngine only a few months ago (and being new to the Open Source movement and culture), attending our Bay Area meetup allowed me to come face to face with our community and hear about CFEngine deployment from the people who use it as their main tool. And let me tell you, there are some serious CFEngine warriors out there! In this blog post I will feature two of them. By pure chance both of them are called Bruce, but don’t worry, it’s not a prerequisite to be called that to join our community!


Function Caching in CFEngine 3.6

by Sigurd Teigen - December 11, 2013

Many users have been asking for ways to limit the amount of some function invocations in CFEngine, in particular functions such as 'execresult' and 'returnszero'. Read about how we approach this in CFEngine version 3.6 (to be released early next year)!


CFEngine 3.5.3 released

by Volker Hilsheimer - December 10, 2013

CFEngine 3.5.3 is now available for download. This is a maintenance release of CFEngine 3.5, and introduces a number of fixes and improvements to both Community and Enterprise editions.