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From The Marketing Corner

by Mahesh Kumar - October 21, 2013

Hello Everyone! It is not too often that one gets to join a company with solid fundamentals when it comes to technology and one that finds itself as the change leader in an area that is evolving real-time (DevOps and Continuous Delivery). Well, I am thrilled to report that I am onboard here at CFEngine as their VP of Marketing.

In the days ahead I will be reporting back frequently on the cool things we are doing here at CFEngine.


Today we are excited to share with you that we were inducted into the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation. Induction into the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation is an extraordinary achievement for CFEngine. This award recognizes the market-leading innovation and execution CFEngine has demonstrated by delivering a world-class IT automation solution. In JPMC’s words, we “have gone above and beyond in delivering disruptive technology and creating business value for JPMC”.


User promises are coming

by Kristian Amlie - October 11, 2013

A while ago, work was started on a new promise type in CFEngine, the "users" promise type. What it does is make promises about which users are supposed to be present on each host, what login credentials they have, what groups they are part of, and so on. This has traditionally been something one would have to write in the CFEngine policy using system commands, but with this new feature it becomes a much more convenient and robust solution for users management.


“In Search of Certainty” – The origins of CFEngine

by Sigurd Teigen - September 27, 2013

Some software is more opinionated than others. If it ever made sense to anthropomorphize software, the CFEngine agent would be a good candidate. A CFEngine installation is a society of independent agents, each with their own goals, schedules and limited view of the world, individually doing their best under current weather.

Mark Burgess' new book “In Search of Certainty” may be viewed as a popular anthology...


Busy week in New York

by Mark de Visser - September 17, 2013

The CFEngine team is excited to present - CFEngine Week in New York City, October 14-18!

During that week we will be out in force in the Big Apple. Come meet us in one of the many events we are organizing or sponsoring: