Automate large-scale, complex and mission critical IT infrastructure

Make consistent global changes securely while ensuring compliance.

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Written in C. The leanest and fastest solution in the industry with execution time less than 1 second.


The open source configuration solution with the best security record.


The most mature solution in the industry, conducting hundreds of billions of compliance checks in large-scale production environments.


Deploy a model-based configuration change across 50,000 servers in 5 minutes.

The largest and most complex IT infrastructures use CFEngine to make consistent global changes.

Deutsche Telekom

"LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and is currently the 10th largest website in the US by traffic. Our ops team will make around 5-10 production changes per day. CFEngine provides the automation framework and gives us the ability to continue to scale operationally."

Mike Svoboda, Sr. Unix Engineer, LinkedIn


Release theme for CFEngine 3.8: performance

Now that CFEngine 3.7.0 is released, introducing simplified package management, change management, dashboard sharing and enhanced network security, it’s time to look forward. The CFEngine 3.7 and 3.6 releases will mainly include stability and security enhancements as they are now stable branches. …

Modular policies with autorun and the augments_file

1, 2, 3.7 GO! CFEngine 3.7 was released just over a week ago and one of the neat things with3.7 is the new augments_file also known as def.json or overrides. What’s so neat about it? It’s going to make your future policy …

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