Automate your security

Infrastructure security is no longer an issue we think about a couple times a year. As frequent changes to infrastructure are made and new systems deployed, it is critical to prevent configuration drift to harden infrastructure and meet internal & external requirements.

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Reduce human error

CFEngine helps keep systems up to date and minimizes manual activity by automating system updates and remediating drift across your entire infrastructure.

Maintain consistency

Whether you're deploying new systems at rapid scale or simply trying to gain more control of existing systems, CFEngine helps drive consistent configuration throughout your infrastructure at all times.

Actionable data, not big data

Eliminate the noise of "big data" and expose actionable data by creating custom alerts & dashboards that are relevant to you.

IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index

Over 95% of all cybersecurity incidents recognize human error as a main contributing factor.

- IBM Security Services

CFEngine 3.21 LTS released - Unification

The CFEngine agent (logo)

CFEngine 3.21.0 LTS focuses on unification. Across our websites and UI, you should see that it's a much more modern and unified experience, whether you're reading this blog post on, browsing the new documentation site, looking for modules on the CFEngine Build website, or adding input to modules within Build in Mission Portal.

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Ansible & CFEngine scalability

Graph showing round trip time of making changes and observing results. Ansible is increasing linearly as you add more hosts, while CFEngine is constant.

Scalability is an important aspect of any infrastructure management solution. Read our latest white paper, benchmarking & comparing the scalability of Ansible and CFEngine for large scale infrastructure management.

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CFEngine Build in Mission Portal

Video preview showing the Mission Portal UI

Make changes to your infrastructure from within Mission Portal, using CFEngine Build projectes and modules.

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Case study

Learn how CFEngine helps LinkedIn automate IT infrastructure


With CFEngine, LinkedIn automates 100k+ servers while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

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