Advanced features to help you know more & react faster.

Bring together your organization's DevSecOps with enterprise-level security, stability and scalability.


Providing comprehensive, infrastructure visibility at-a-glance.

  • Real-time compliance levels
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom alerts & actions
  • Customizable & shareable dashboards
Widget with pie chart of Operating Systems and widget with graph of changes over time
UI with report showing ports listening and hostnames in a table.

Inventory reporting

  • Detailed reporting across your entire infrastructure.
  • With wide platform support you can collect all the information you need from any device in your infrastructure - whether it's a bare metal server, a VM, a cloud instance or IoT device.

Compliance reporting

  • Powerful and customizable compliance reports to ensure you meet your internal and external requirements at all times.
  • Configure different reports for various stakeholders. Keep your entire organization informed.
Bar graph of Compliance by category. Each category, like Security, has a percentage and a color coded bar.
UI showing code in CFEngine policy language. There are line numbers and some lines are highlighted in green.

Policy analyzer

  • Define system states using CFEngine policy.
  • Policy Analyzer gives you real time information about how each line of policy is performing on servers in your infrastructure - helping you troubleshoot without guesswork.

Alerts & triggered actions

Create custom alerts to notify you on specific systems events or infrastructure changes. Set up custom actions to trigger based on alerts or easily integrate them with your existing tools and technologies.

System health
Widget showing a green checkmark for policy compliance.
Policy compliance
Widget showing 98% policy compliance on 277 hosts.
HPUX, AIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, Windows.

Wide platform support

CFEngine Enterprise runs on awide range of available platforms such as Linux, Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and more.

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Enterprise customer support

Theres nothing quite like having an expert on your side. With CFEngine Enterprise, you have a dedicated support team that is available to answer questions, recommend best practices, and even prioritize development of the features you need.

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