Automate Your Compliance

Improve your compliance levels through the power of CFEngine's automation. No matter the compliance framework you use, CFEngine provides systems administrators & compliance professionals with the flexibility & visibility needed in order to meet those requirements and easily verify compliance attainment in real-time.

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Continuous Infrastructure Hardening

Manual system configuration isn't scalable and can lead to an overflow of backlog tasks and lack of compliance. CFEngine not only automates many of these repetitive, day-to-day tasks, but continuously checks systems every 5 minutes to ensure they are always enforced & compliant.

Track Changes As They Happen

As systems & files change over time, CFEngine provides fine-grained visibility to detect, monitor & track changes that may impact your environment's integrity and leave your infrastructure vulnerable to attacks.

Real-Time Compliance Stats

System configuration is only half the battle. Transparency into your infrastructure's status is critical to verifying compliance and efficiently completing successful audits. Through CFEngine's web UI, Mission Portal, you can quickly verify compliance with pre-built and customizable dashboards & reports.

The True Cost of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance costs more than twice the cost of maintaining compliance.

- Ponemon Institute & Globalscape

CFEngine 3.18 LTS released - Extensibility

The CFEngine agent (logo)

CFEngine 3.18.0 LTS focuses on extensibility. Trigger actions from Mission Portal, use our built in CMDB to assign data to hosts, manage new resources with modules, and much more.

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Ansible & CFEngine Scalability

Graph showing round trip time of making changes and observing results. Ansible is increasing linearly as you add more hosts, while CFEngine is constant.

Scalability is an important aspect of any infrastructure management solution. Read our latest white paper, benchmarking & comparing the scalability of Ansible and CFEngine for large scale infrastructure management.

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Trigger agent runs and report collection from Mission Portal

Video preview showing the Mission Portal UI

The host info page now has buttons to trigger policy evaluation and report collection for a host, making it easier to debug and iterate quickly.

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Case study

Learn How CFEngine Helps LinkedIn Automate IT Infrastructure


With CFEngine, LinkedIn automates 100k+ servers while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

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