We are building next generation IT automation solutions to help large IT organizations become leaner and enablers of business opportunities. If you are too, please join and together we will build a larger eco-system of next generation system management players.

Highly Automated IT-operations

Our goal is to empower IT-organizations to be able to deploy application changes hourly and consistently into service while continuously maintaining the defined states regardless of scale, complexity and agility requirements.

Technology Partners

CFEngine offers technology partners access to the tools, training, support needed to build and create new joint business opportunities and solutions.

Our technology partners will get free access to CFEngine Enterprise. For network, storage and embedded vendors, access to our Enterprise source code can be made available.

System Integrators

Our System Integrators share our passion for developing state-of-the-art IT-operations workflows and solutions that lead to clear and measurable business benefits.

For System integrators with deep infrastructure management expertise and experience, we offer the ability to work with the world’s most demanding IT-operation infrastructures. CFEngine System Integrators work closely with our own in-house experts.

Resellers and Distributors

CFEngine Channel partners are authorized to market, sell and support our enterprise products.

To get more information about our partner alliance programs, please contact us.