One-day training – Virtual

Designed for System Administrators and Architects, this class will present an in-depth overview of how to use CFEngine to automate and manage large-scale IT infrastructure.

Through a combination of theory, practical examples, and hands-on tutorial, our experienced trainer will demonstrate how CFEngine can be used for a wide range of common SysAdmin tasks.

Topics to be covered:

  • Why automation?
  • What is CFEngine?
  • CFEngine properties
  • Installing CFEngine
  • Client-server architecture
  • Agent components
  • Large-scale policy deployment
  • CFEngine language
  • CFEngine class concept
  • CFEngine data types
  • Examples

Other topics that also might be covered include, Policy distribution, Best-practice policy structure, Large-scale policy deployment, Application deployment, Local User Management, Process & Service management, Editing File Content, Remote execution, Reporting and Monitoring and System hardening

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