Professional Services

CFEngine Consulting

CFEngine can provide a wide variety of custom training and consulting services to help customers build and implement efficient, scalable IT infrastructure; based on proven best practices. Our products are backed by a team of experienced professional consultants and a global partner network.

Implementation – Compliance – Assessment

CFEngine’s consulting services help maximize an organization’s investment in CFEngine, and thereby the value and benefit of its entire IT infrastructure. Our consultants can assist in all phases of the IT systems management lifecycle: adoption, assessment and evaluation, compliance and customization.
Our experienced consultants typically work onsite for analysis and discussions, opening a direct and informal dialogue with our clients. The next phases can often be carried out off-site, to minimize costs, though we are available for full-time consulting to hourly engagements. Our consultants can tailor scripts, configurations and knowledge-bases to meet individual and industry requirements.

Common client projects include:

  • Upgrading from CFEngine 2 to CFEngine 3
  • Installation and initial setup
  • ITIL-process integration
  • EU/SOX-compliance
  • Elimination of “contraption” automation in the datacentre
  • Proof-of-concept automation
  • Assessments and adjustments of existing infrastructure
  • Best-practices in system automation
  • Customization and next step adaptation to new challenges
  • General guidance on how to best implement CFEngine


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