Training by Normation (Europe)


Configuration management and CFEngine architecture (half day)

This non-technical introductory morning will provide attendees with an understanding of the aims, advantages and constraints of configuration management in modern IT environments, CFEngine’s role in this field, and will provide key points for planning and driving successful adoption.

Topics covered:

  • What is configuration management? (definition, advantages and constraints)
  • CFEngine architecture (agents, configuration distribution, configuration references)
  • The “desired state” approach (making promises, converging to that state, differences with the procedural approach)

Requirements: To benefit from this course, a basic understanding of modern IT architectures and application deployment is necessary. No hands-on technical skills are required. Pricing: 250 € or $390 per attendee.

CFEngine Fundamentals (2 days)

This course starts with the above half-day presentation, then moves on to technical, hands-on training covering basic CFEngine installation, syntax and features through examples. At the end of the course, attendees will have an understanding and recommended best practices for designing a CFEngine-based configuration management system, including client-server mode.

Topics covered:

  • Installation and components
  • CFEngine 3 language: basic syntax and modularity
  • File editing, package management and process management
  • Client-server communication

Requirements: Attendees are expected to be familiar with command-line Linux/UNIX utilities and basic system administration tasks (installation software, setting up networking, etc). Each attendee will be asked to bring a personal laptop (in some cases extra laptops may be provided). Pricing: 990 € or $1490 per attendee.

CFEngine Industrialization (Fundamentals + 1 day)

This course is intended to complete the basic training of the above 2 day course. It moves on from elementary examples to real-world requirements, including complex parameters, reporting, interaction with other tools and planning changes.

Topics covered:

  • Advanced classes and variables as conditions and parameters
  • Logging and reporting
  • Advanced file management
  • Interoperability and extensions
  • Change management

Requirements: This course is an add-on to the “CFEngine Fundamentals” course above. Requirements are the same, and attendees must have taken the above course. Pricing: 1490 € or $2250 per attendee (for the full 3 day course)
Early bird price: 1290 € or $1950 per attendee (available for all bookings of a 3 day course, at least one month in advance).

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