Automated Application Deployment and DevOps

Consistent and automated application deployment provides the consistency and rapid time-to-market needed for every competitive company. Productivity gains improve dramatically as automation replaces slow and error-prone manual processes. Test labs suffer fewer outages, the reduction of errors eliminate manual rework, and production failures are eliminated.

By using CFEngine, you will get:

  • Ensured consistency and maximum uptime for both applications and systems
  • Consistency across IT Infrastructure (dev/test/prod/etc.)
  • Continuous maintenance of the correct version
  • Compliance reporting on running versions
  • Visibility into software installed and running
  • Tool built for human cooperation and knowledge sharing

CFEngine also provides an audit trail that records and reports on its activities to provide visibility and enable all stakeholders to be aligned on deployments.

CFEngine is extensible and can integrate with various systems with its REST API. It integrates natively with various package managers and uses a model-based approach to ensure consistency and continuous configuration integrity. CFEngine also provides a lean self-healing framework and applies configuration management across various staging environments in the IT Infrastructure – naturally becoming an essential piece in any Continuous Delivery process.

direct-logo“Thanks to CFEngine we are able to quickly and consistently roll out new applications across our large IT infrastructure in a timely fashion”

Consistent deployments

Through the use of classifications of hosts and self-healing, CFEngine will continuously ensure that packages are installed and binaries present. To further enhance the flow, CFEngine can configure the services and applications. This approach ensures consistency across the different staging environments.

CFEngine is extensible and can easily be integrated with various application release automation solutions.




CFEngine supports and can manage many kinds of packages and managers like apt, yum, dpkg, zypper, brew, msi, OpenCSW, smartos, solaris, alpinelinux emerge and pacman. For a complete list, click here.

delta_dental_logo“CFEngine allows us to quickly deploy new applications and services across our HP-UX platform”

Applications installed at a glance

CFEngine offers out-of-the box Applications installed reports. These report on software across the whole IT Infrastructure, and can easily be filtered on application name, version or architecture. The information is updated every 5 minutes and gives a very accurate picture of the actual state of the systems.



Application updates easily available

Out-of-the box, CFEngine will report on new versions of applications installed. This information is obtained from the various package managers and can easily be accessed and filtered through reports to ensure knowledge consistency across all teams



Comparing existing versions with available updates

By creating customized reports, it is easy to quickly get an overview of installed software versions and compare this with available newer versions. This knowledge constitutes the basis for planning and updating the project.