Supported versions

Release schedule for CFEngine Enterprise & Community

CFEngine releases adhere to a time-based release schedule, in addition to following a practice of Long Term Support (LTS).

This model offers stability and predictability, with the compromise of being able to introduce features more quickly in the non-LTS releases. LTS releases are scheduled every 18 months and are supported and maintained for 3 years, in comparison to non-LTS releases which are scheduled every 6 months and maintained for a further 6 months. Note that only LTS releases are supported as part of the CFEngine Enterprise customer support contract.

Timeline showing when releases are supported. 3.15 LTS: 2018-2021. 3.18 LTS: 2021-2022. 3.21 LTS: 2023-2024. 3.24 LTS: 2024-2025.

Time-based releases means that we will not delay a release in order to wait for features that are in development, but will release at regular intervals with the features that are available at the time. The advantage of this is that releases are predictable and users will know when the next release containing their fix will be. It is a great way to bring features out faster, both from us and from our community contributors.

Find out more details in the full blog post.

Supported operating systems, platforms and architectures

CFEngine supports a wide range of operating systems like Ubuntu, Redhat, Windows, AIX, Solaris, etc. on various architectures.

To provide predictable platform support in CFEngine, our policy is that CFEngine supports operating system versions as long as they are supported by their vendor, and up to one year after the vendor dropps support for that platform.

For a list of supported operating systems platforms and architectures for the latest LTS version, click here