Announcing General Availability of CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0

Posted by Mahesh Kumar
June 18, 2014

Big news today - I am happy to share the news that CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 has been released!

This release is a huge step forward for our company and our customers, with a number of both new and enhanced features designed for providing a secure, scalable, and reliable foundation for IT automation. Customers and users are crucial when it comes to feedback and continuous improvement. The fact that CFEngine 3.6.0 leapfrogs the competition across many facets is testament to an innovative development team working in tandem with customers experiencing and solving real world IT issues together. With 3.6.0 we have addressed some key needs you put forth:

  • Automation with additional and fine grained control
  • Out of the box alerts and reporting capability
  • Scale and speed improvements to address cloud use cases

Let me share with you what we have done to address the above requirements:

We created a powerful dashboard with customizable widgets so you know at a glance the state of your environment

CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 presents you with a powerful visual dashboard, where you can set up customizable widgets to define scenarios unique to your environment. You can use this intuitive dashboard to set policy, create alerts to system drifts and deviations from desired state, diagnose issues, and take action accordingly.

We let you build your custom alerts and inventory reports so you keep in compliance

New reporting capabilities enable you to create filtered compliance and inventory reports on any system attributes across environments, production tiers, operating systems, and hosting platforms - whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud. These reporting capabilities enable you to perform more frequent audits and ensure compliance of your infrastructure and applications.

We reduced the amount of code you have to write

Improved language abstractions and an improved file templating engine based on the popular Mustache template system has resulted in up to a 90% reduction in coding.

We added native JSON support so you can integrate more easily with 3rd party apps

CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 includes native support for JSON, which has has become a standard format for applications and services to communicate with each other.

We have enhanced the platform further to truly provide IT Automation at WebScale

CFEngine has always benefited from a highly distributed, lean-footprint, autonomous architecture. While this aligns itself very well to scale and agility (speed), we have further improved the platform to increase and improve these attributes of our platform manifold. A new PostgreSQL backend supports thousands of managed systems per hub. We have vastly improved the data collection speeds thus making reporting and inventory a breeze. Lastly this release sees a drastic improvement in the performance of both the Mission Portal UI and APIs. I welcome you to try CFEngine 3.6.0. We also welcome your support and feedback as we continue to enhance CFEngine to tackle your IT Automation needs! Let’s continue to partner! Let’s continue to engage! Interested in Learning More? Here are several resources to help you get started: Visit our 3.6.0 Product Page to experience the product, view demos, and learn more about new features and benefits. Register for one of our upcoming “Welcome to CFEngine 3.6.0 webinars:

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