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Feature preview: Trigger agent runs and report collection from Mission Portal

If you are debugging issues with a host, it is quite common to want to make changes to CFEngine policy, and speed up the process of fetching, evaluating and reporting for that host. You can do this by running cf-runagent and cf-hub from the command line, now we’ve brought this functionality into Mission Portal: You can see the feature in action, here: This feature will be part of CFEngine Enterprise 3.

March 31, 2021

Comparing Ansible and CFEngine

Generally speaking, CFEngine and Ansible can be used to solve the same problems, but their approaches are different. In this blog post I’d like to discuss the different approaches, their consequences, some advantages of each tool, and even using them together. CFEngines autonomous agents CFEngine works by installing and running an agent on every host of your infrastructure. It is distributed, each CFEngine agent will evaluate its policy periodically and independently.

February 25, 2021

Using cf-runagent as non-root

cf-runagent is a component for triggering remote agent runs using the CFEngine network protocol. It does not allow for arbitrary commands to be executed, but rather asks the remote host to run the policy it already has. To trigger cf-runagent from other systems or web interfaces, you want to be able to run it as non-root. Install and bootstrap I will use cf-remote to set up a demo hub running CFEngine Enterprise 3.

April 12, 2019

CFEngine 3.9.0 non-LTS released!

We’re happy to announce that CFEngine 3.9.0 non-LTS now is released! A big thanks to everyone testing the 3.9.0 beta release! Please note that this is a non-LTS release, which means that it is maintained for 6 months from the release date and not supported for CFEngine Enterprise customers (but packages are available for testing). The established CFEngine release schedule gives an overview over the release timelines for all releases.

June 15, 2016

March 2013 snapshot of CFEngine - get it while it's hot!

The March snapshot release of CFEngine Community and Enterprise has just hit our webservers. The releases are called 3.5 Beta1 and 3.1 Beta1, respectively, and just as last month: this is work in progress. Community Some low level changes have been introduced. It is now possible to have empty lists in policies, there is no need to use “cf_null” anymore. We have continued our architectural work and we have changed FatalError for other less problematics error conditions along the code.

Posted by Mahesh Kumar
March 25, 2013