Announcing the 2013 CFEngine Champions

Posted by Nick Anderson
January 23, 2014

Another year has passed and we would like to take a moment to thank the community members for their contributions. From speaking at conferences, epic blog posts, community meet-ups, to support on the CFEngine help list and in the IRC channel, new and veteran users alike don’t have to look far to find inspiration or a helping hand. Each year we like to reflect on our many community contributors and honor those that have significantly enhanced the CFEngine Community. This year it is my great honor to announce this year’s CFEngine Champion Hall of Fame inductees.

Bas van der Vlies

Bas is a long time CFEngine community member and has contributed excellent work on the CFEngine parser. He has also been a tremendous help within the Debian team to ensure that the Debian repository gets up to date CFEngine builds. Bas is also found helping on the mailing list.

Brian Bennett

Brian has been a long time user of CFEngine and can easily be found on the CFEngine mailing list. He is also very active within in the Debian team. This year Brian gave us his Case Study in CFEngine Layout and his mini zero-to-hero introduction that one of our previous champions Aleksey Tsalolikhin delivered as a training session at LOPSA East.

Loïc Pefferkorn

Loic has been an invaluable community member. In the last year he has given us cfe-profiler and blog posts that explore the scalability and limitations in CFEngine. In addition to his tooling and writing he can also be found lurking in #cfengine on and the cfengine-help mailing list helping other community members.

Ted Zlatanov

Ted is frequently found supporting community users on the help mailing list, and championing fixes for bugs and new features on the bug tracker. In the past year he has contributed many new functions including reverse, shuffle, sort, strftime, unique, upcase and downcase just to name a few. Emacs lovers can thank Ted for his continued maintenance of the cfengine3-mode. Ted has been contributing to CFEngine from within as a CFEngine employee since 2012.

Thank you Bas, Brian, Loïc, and Ted. You have significantly enhanced the CFEngine community through your individual and collective efforts.

Special thanks to our previous champions who continue to be nominated and who continue to greatly support the CFEngine community.

And finally to the whole community, thank you. We value each of your contributions. Our community is one of our greatest assets and CFEngine would not be what it is without you.

To learn more about our champions, go to the Champions Hall of Fame.

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