Announcing the CFEngine Community Advisory Board

Posted by Nick Anderson
April 29, 2015

As CFEngine continues its evolution and adds to the large number of users with a stake in the future of the project, we have established a Community Advisory Board. The aim of the Community Advisory Board is to advise CFEngine AS and the CFEngine project core committers and team leadership on matters relating to supporting the long-term governance, structure, and roadmap of the CFEngine open source project. The Community Advisory Board is not intended to replace existing mechanisms for community input but instead augment it and provide a consolidated opinion from the broader CFEngine community. Feel free to discuss your hopes, dreams, and concerns with any board member. Any outside party may bring an issue before the CFEngine Community Advisory Board by emailing The following candidates were selected based on past contributions:

  • Bas van der Vlies
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Marco Marongiu
  • Martin Simmons
  • Mike Svoboda
  • Neil Watson
  • Ted Zlatanov

Thank you to the following board members who were elected by the candidate pool, and will serve for 2 years as currently outlined in the charter. We appreciate your contributions and the time you spend supporting the community at large. The members are:

Bas van der Vlies

Among other contributions Bas has worked with the Debian team to ensure that the latest versions of CFEngine are available in the distro repositories.

Jonathan Clarke

Jonathan has long been a CFEngine advocate. He has also shepherded NCF, a CFEngine framework, and Rudder which provides a front end and reporting interface built on top of CFEngine.

Mike Svoboda

Mike is a long time CFEngine advocate and can regularly be found on the CFEngine help mailing list.

Neil Watson

Neil has been using and advocating CFEngine since version 2. He has contributed the Evolve Thinking free library as well as Delta Reporting. He can frequently be found helping users in #cfengine on and the CFEngine help mailing list.

Ted Zlatanov

Ted can frequently be found fixing bugs, and submitting pull requests for feature enhancements. We can thank Ted for many of the new useful functions available in 3.6 and the upcoming 3.7 release. We encourage you to reach out to the Community Advisory Board members and discuss how you would like to see CFEngine evolve. More information about the scope of CFEngine Community Advisory Board can be found on github. Meeting minutes are also published on github.

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