Congratulations 2015 CFEngine Champions

Posted by Nick Anderson
January 13, 2016

Each year we like to take a moment to recognize outstanding community members for their contributions. Contributions come in the form of code contributions to core, organizing community meet-ups, giving talks about CFEngine at conferences, sharing policy, to helping other users on the mailing list and on IRC. This year the Community Advisory Board was responsible for selecting champions from the nominations, and it is my honor to announce the 2015 CFEngine Champion Hall of Fame inductees. Congratulations, and thanks for all of your efforts!

Jon Henrik Bjørnstad

Jon Henrik co-founded CFEngine in 2008 and worked as Infrastructure Engineer and Product Manager until he left the company to pursue other opportunities in 2013. He holds a MSc. in Network and System Administration and has 10 years of professional experience. Apart from his employment in CFEngine he has been working mostly as a System Administrator within Finance, Oil & Gas and manufacturing. He also co-founded in 2013 which mainly contributes to the community by providing CFEngine packages and tools. He lives in Oslo, Norway with his girlfriend and 2 kids.

William Orr

Will (@worr) is a relatively new contributor to CFEngine’s core, and a drive-by contributor to many other open source projects. He’s known within CFEngine largely for taking care of many of the 4k problems, adding global keys to bodies and hanging out on the dev mailing list. Will works as a Senior Systems Engineer at LinkedIn, largely responsible for developing tooling and automation. At work, he evangelizes use of and contribution back to open source projects. Since starting to work on CFEngine, another LinkedIn employee has contributed to CFEngine and another is getting bootstrapped. Will graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Applied Networking and Systems Administration in 2013. In his spare time, he works on various FOSS projects, hacks on kernels and makes dumb computer jokes on Twitter.

Benoit Peccatte

Benoit Peccatte (@peckpeck) lives in Paris, he has worked as a sysadmin, developer, and security engineer for several years where he had the opportunity to work with CFEngine v2 and v3. He returned to his preferred field of system administration, where he has been almost exclusively using and hacking open source tools for the past 8 years. He is now employed by Normation to improve Rudder by combining these experiences.

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