CFEngine priorities for 2020

September 25, 2019

Where we are

This is a very exciting time for the CFEngine product team, the community, and the user base. As we are getting closer to the release of CFEngine 3.15 LTS, we can look back at some great improvements in the last few years. CFEngine was the first product to tackle the challenge of managing large scale infrastructure. While there are now many other solutions in the market, CFEngine is still solving the hardest problems. Over the past few weeks, we met with customers and users that are managing infrastructures of 250 000 to around 1 million servers using CFEngine. These teams are just a handful of people, clearly showing how efficient CFEngine can be when it is coupled with a good strategy and has good alignment throughout the organization. CFEngine really thrives at scale! Other areas where we see CFEngine used widely, are several highly regulated or high-risk industries, like banking, finance, automotive, and so forth. We know, and our users know, that CFEngine is a stable, reliable and secure automation platform. This is a core value for us, something we cherish and will make sure stays true in future versions of CFEngine.

Where we are going

Moving ahead, making sure that these infrastructures are well support and keep working effortlessly is paramount to us. But we also keep on innovating, for the biggest, for the smaller, for the fastest moving and the extremely security-obsessed. We welcome all of our users to contribute with your perspective and ideas to help us shape the roadmap for 2020 and beyond. Please share your feedback in this survey. Your thoughts, ideas and great suggestions are what can make CFEngine improve. A key to success for some of the largest deployments of CFEngine so far has been the ability to drive policy from external data sources. Would you like to connect a CMDB or other data sources to CFEngine? We want to make this best-in-class way of working more easily attainable for anyone. Our goal is that CFEngine should continue to be the main choice for any organization concerned with security. CFEngine has always been highly cross-platform, and this is something we continue to deliver on. CFEngine supports AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, CoreOS, Linux, and Windows. Community members use it on Mac, FreeBSD, and other platforms. What more platforms do you want support for? Please let us know in the survey. What other aspects are important to you? We always want to listen to you, but now we have a great opportunity to collect feedback and make it impact next year’s priorities. So make your voice heard!

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