Welcoming Dimitrios Apostolou as a CFEngine Champion

Posted by Nick Anderson
February 14, 2020

As we enter 2020 and reflect on the various contributions the project has received we want to take a moment to recognize one of the more prolific contributors as a CFEngine Champion.


It’s my honor to announce and welcome Dimitrios Apostolou as the latest CFEngine Champion. At the time of this writing, he is the fourth most prolific committer in cfengine/core with 1101 commits.

2584  Mikhail Gusarov
2045  Mark Burgess
1430  Sigurd Teigen
1101  Dimitrios Apostolou
 825  Kristian Amlie

Notably, as an employee of CFEngine AS and Northern.tech AS Dimitrios was responsible for introducing Protocol 2 (TLS), greatly improving the performance of cf-serverd, and refactoring the policy evaluation to improve the speed of iteration over large and complex lists and data structures. As a community member, Dimitrios worked in his spare time to open source cf-monitord bringing the ability to write custom measurement promises to the Community edition. Thank you, Jimis. You have significantly enhanced the CFEngine community through your individual efforts. Know someone that has significantly enhanced CFEngine through their contributions to the project itself or via their engagement with the community? Nominate them!

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