CFEngine 3.15.5 and 3.18.1 released

November 29, 2021

We are pleased to announce two new patch releases for CFEngine, version 3.15.5 and 3.18.1! These releases mainly contain bug fixes and dependency updates.

What’s new

In addition to bug fixes, some smaller features and improvements were added to 3.18.1. These additions are focused on the Mission Portal UI and API, and were added due to user feedback.

Enterprise APIs

The new API endpoint - /api/hosts/deleted can be used to list previously deleted hosts.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Ansible compatible Host API got another option: inventoryFile. This option allows you to control whether to use the format expected by Ansible when reading the output of a script (default) or a file (inventoryFile=true).

Visual / UX improvements

Various buttons, icons, logos and images in Mission Portal were improved. As an example, here are the new “toast” notifications:

URLs inside reports are now clickable links:

There are many more for you to discover once you upgrade. If you are interested in these UI/UX changes, check out out our blog posts on design.

Importable Compliance Reports

Compliance reports can now be stored and managed as JSON files. You can click Export within a compliance report, and choose the new “Report definition - json” type. This will give you a JSON file containing all the information needed to create the report, including the checks. (The report definition does not include data about your hosts, only the report).

The JSON definition can be edited / managed outside of Mission Portal, and will overwrite as necessary when importing. This functionality enables sharing reports between hubs / organizations, and will allow us to publish compliance reports as CFEngine Build modules in the future. Importing a report looks like this:


As always, you can see a full list of changes and improvements in our changelogs:

Please note that the Enterprise changelogs contain only changes specific to enterprise. To get a full overview of all changes in a version, read all 3 changelogs.

Dependency updates

The following dependencies were updated, see respective project websites for more information about the changes in those projects.

CFEngine version 3.15.4 3.15.5 3.18.0 3.18.1
diffutils - - 3.7 3.8
libcurl 7.75.0 7.79.1 7.77.0 7.79.1
OpenLDAP 2.4.58 2.4.58 2.5.5 2.6.0
OpenSSL 1.1.1k 1.1.1l 1.1.1l 1.1.1l
PCRE 8.44 8.45 8.44 8.45
Apache 2.4.47 2.4.51 2.4.48 2.4.51
Git 2.31.1 2.33.1 2.32.0 2.33.1
PHP 7.4.19 7.4.25 8.0.7 8.0.12
PostgreSQL 12.7 12.8 13.3 13.4

Thank you to all the developers and maintainers of Open Source Software which make CFEngine possible!


CFEngine Enterprise is free for up to 25 hosts, click here to go to the download pages with new packages.

Since version 3.18.1 is currently the latest available LTS release, it will be the default version picked by cf-remote and the Quick install script.

If you are using cf-remote, you can target versions like this:

$ cf-remote --version 3.15.5 list
$ cf-remote --version 3.18.1 list

Version selection works for list, download, and install commands. Read more about cf-remote here.


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