Introducing GitHub Discussions for CFEngine

February 1, 2021

We are excited to announce that CFEngine is now using GitHub Discussions. GitHub Discussions is a feature of GitHub repos, and similar to Q&A platforms like Stack Overflow, and other online forums. After testing it out for a few weeks we are pleased with how it works and want to encourage all our users to try it. We hope this fuels more discussion and sharing among CFEngine users - it is easy to discover on GitHub, many of you already have GitHub users, the UI is nice, and so the barrier to entry should be very low.

What to post in GitHub Discussions

Our GitHub Discussions are inside the cfengine/core repository, but can be used for anything related to CFEngine. (Including CFEngine policy language, CFEngine Enterprise, cf-remote, and community projects). CFEngine Enterprise is free for up to 25 hosts, but only paying customers get access to professional support. This provides a nice alternative for free users of both CFEngine Community and CFEngine Enterprise; community-powered support.

There are 4 categories, here with some examples of the content we’d like to see:

  • General
    • General open-ended discussion about CFEngine
    • Anything which doesn’t fit in the other categories
  • Ideas
    • Suggestions for new features in CFEngine
    • Suggestions for what we could do differently around CFEngine (docs, websites, blog posts, etc.)
  • Q&A
    • Ask a question about how to do something in CFEngine Policy language
    • Ask a question about how some part of CFEngine works
    • Ask for help troubleshooting a problem or understanding some logs / error messages
    • Similar to Stack Overflow, the author of a post should choose an accepted answer
  • Show and tell
    • Share a blog post, video, book, or other content you made about CFEngine
    • Post and discuss a CFEngine policy you wrote
    • Show off a Dashboard or Report you are using in CFEngine Mission Portal
    • Announce releases of your CFEngine module or policy framework
      • To keep things organized, we ask that you post subsequent updates for the same project as comments in the thread (not as separate discussions)

Note that in many cases we might create and/or link to JIRA tickets, since that is our primary ticketing system, for both bugs and features.

What happens with existing channels

In short: nothing. The existing channels remain as-is:

  • The mailing list is the most similar to GitHub Discussions - a place to ask questions or share content about CFEngine
    • We are very happy with the mailing list and think it’s a valuable resource for those who use it, we don’t want to disturb that
  • The #cfengine IRC channel on is for real-time chat (also available via
  • The bug tracker (JIRA) is still the place for bug reports, and where we organize all the tickets we are working on
    • In many cases we will end up creating tickets from GitHub Discussions, for example if we see something that is a bug

Get started

To begin, we encourage everyone to post an introduction in the welcome thread:

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