Feature preview: Trigger agent runs and report collection from Mission Portal

March 31, 2021

If you are debugging issues with a host, it is quite common to want to make changes to CFEngine policy, and speed up the process of fetching, evaluating and reporting for that host. You can do this by running cf-runagent and cf-hub from the command line, now we’ve brought this functionality into Mission Portal:

UI Screenshot showing play and update buttons, with a tooltip saying Trigger Agent Run.

You can see the feature in action, here:

This feature will be part of CFEngine Enterprise 3.18 LTS, releasing this summer. To test it today, use our nightly builds. For more CFEngine videos, check out our video library.

Edit (June 28th 2021): 3.18.0 is now released, with a new and refreshed UI. There is an updated video for this feature, which shows it in the new UI: