Efficient synchronization of tabular data white paper

Posted by Lars Erik Wik
November 14, 2023

To manage large infrastructures, efficient solutions for both making changes and observing the current state are necessary. As most information (inventory) about hosts is quite predictable and static, there are many opportunities for optimizations in terms of compression and avoiding re-transmission of the same data. In the CFEngine team, we are improving our reporting systems with a focus on correctness and low bandwidth consumption. This will benefit many users, both large data centers where bandwidth (networking equipment) is costly, as well as small IoT devices with limited connectivity. Inspired by git, we are implementing commits of reporting data, with table-based diffs, and compression of multiple changes, akin to squashing git commits.

Read our latest white paper, explaining the approach:

Preview of the first page of the white paper fading into the background.
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