Improved software compliance with packages-allowlist

Posted by Nick Anderson
April 6, 2023

Having a list of software that is allowed to be installed on a host is a strategy to prevent and fix security gaps and maintain compliance with operational guidelines. This zero-trust methodology ensures that only explicitly permitted applications are allowed to be present on a host unlike package block-listing which enumerates an explicit list of software that is not allowed to be present. In fact, with a software allow-list, you are essentially block-listing everything except the software you allow.

The new packages-allowlist module on CFEngine Build can help you facilitate this.

The packages-allowlist module targets the platforms default package manager and provides an inventory of packages installed that are not in the allow-list (as defined by the packages_allowlist:state.allowed list variable) by default.

packages-allowlist module with input data configuring allowed list of packages

Any packages found installed that are not in the allow-list are inventoried as Packages installed not in allow list.

Inventory showing a package not in the allowed list of software packages

This inventory can be used to build alerts and compliance checks to quickly notify stakeholders of non-compliance.

My inventory screenshot

By default packages_allowlist:state.enforcement is set to disabled. While packages_allowlist:state.enforcement is not enabled warnings are emitted for each package that is not found in packages_allowlist:state.allowed.

Screenshot showing behavior when package not in allowlist is found and enforcement is not enabled

When the variable packages_allowlist:state.enforcement has a value of enabled these packages will be automatically removed.

Screenshot showing behavior when package not in allowlist is found and enforcement is enabled
Screenshot showing Changes report highlighting package removal in Mission Portal

Try out the module and let us know what you think on GitHub Discussions or on the help mailing list.

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