CFEngine 3.18.7 and 3.21.4 released

January 11, 2024

We are pleased to announce two new patch releases for CFEngine, version 3.18.7 and 3.21.4! These patch releases contain bug fixes and dependency updates.


We’d like to highlight one specific change in behavior, which some users will want to adjust to;

Change in behavior - New location for ignore_interfaces.rx

Users who rely on the ignore_interfaces.rx file for ignoring certain network interfaces should be aware of its new preferred location. See the blog post on the topic for more details:

Complete changelogs

As always, you can see a full list of changes and improvements in our changelogs:

Please note that the Enterprise changelogs contain only changes specific to enterprise. To get a full overview of all changes in a version, read all 3 changelogs.

Dependency upgrades

Compared to the previous releases, CFEngine 3.18.6 and 3.21.3, the following dependencies were updated for the client packages:

CFEngine version 3.18.6 3.18.7 3.21.3 3.21.4
libcurl 8.2.1 8.5.0 8.2.1 8.5.0
libxml2 2.11.5 2.12.3 2.11.5 2.12.3
OpenSSL 1.1.1v 1.1.1w 3.0.10 3.0.12

And for the hub packages, these additional dependencies were also upgraded:

CFEngine version 3.18.6 3.18.7 3.21.3 3.21.4
Apache 2.4.57 2.4.58 2.4.57 2.4.58
Git 2.42.0 2.43.0 2.42.0 2.43.0
PHP 8.0.30 8.0.30 8.2.9 8.2.13
PostgreSQL 13.12 13.13 15.4 15.5

For a complete overview of all dependencies used in CFEngine and their licenses, please see the Legal and licenses part of our documentation.

Thank you to the developers, maintainers, and contributors to open source software which makes CFEngine possible.

New supported platform - Debian 12

Debian 12 is now supported, with 4 enterprise packages available for the platform;

  1. Debian 12 hub package for 64-bit x86 (amd64)
  2. Debian 12 hub package for 64-bit ARM (arm64)
  3. Debian 12 client package for 64-bit x86 (amd64)
  4. Debian 12 client package for 64-bit ARM (arm64)

See the Downloads section below for more details on how to download and install them.


CFEngine Enterprise is free for up to 25 hosts, click here to go to the download pages with new packages.

At the time of writing, version 3.21.4 is currently the latest available LTS release, it will be the default version picked by cf-remote and the Quick install script.

If you are using cf-remote, you can target versions like this:

cf-remote --version 3.18.7 list
cf-remote --version 3.21.4 list

Version selection works for list, download, and install commands. Read more about cf-remote here.

End of support for CFEngine 3.18 LTS

Please note that support for all 3.18 versions of CFEngine will end later this year, in August 2024. One more final release is planned for the 3.18 LTS series before then. If you still haven’t upgraded to 3.21 LTS, we encourage you to contact us for help with upgrading or to discuss an extended support contract.


We encourage all of our users to get involved in the community and contribute. Feel free to use one of the following channels: