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Craig Comstock

Using Policy Analyzer to develop and debug CFEngine policy

I have a setup at home where I keep a local git server running on a Raspberry Pi 3 which contains personal/work journal, dotfiles and a personal policy repository. It was set up manually so before adding a new git repository for a family password store I set about retrofiting the configuration in CFEngine. The goal in this blog is to ensure that what I have already is managed by CFEngine and that what I want to add, /srv/git/passwords.

Posted by Craig Comstock
March 29, 2021

How to serve policy from a local git server

Several months ago I started the practice of using CFEngine Enterprise and its Mission Portal UI on a daily basis to manage the connected devices in my home. To start, I brought up an old desktop machine, cfengine-hub, to use as my hub and downloaded Enterprise, which is free for use up to 25 hosts. The next step in using best practices is to deploy policy from a version control repository.

Posted by Craig Comstock
January 19, 2021

CFEngine 3.17.0a1-termux - better Android Termux Support

As a follow up to my previous “personal policy” blog I have exciting news: An improved CFEngine is available for Termux! This provides a way to play with policy and implement policy on your non-rooted Android phone! Version 3.17.0a1-termux is an alpha release so understand it’s not heavily tested. That said, CFEngine for Termux is looking pretty awesome and useful. Highlights of features: allow self-bootstrap to loopback since Android devices often change their IP address and bootstrapping locally seems to make some sense for a developer device and ability to play around, this is just as helpful on the desktop for that matter.

Posted by Craig Comstock
August 26, 2020

Personal Policy

My laptop was getting staleā€¦ I’ve been using it every work day for about 2.5 years now and so much software is installed it just boggles my mind. I really love it otherwise, open source, trying to be transparent, generally has worked amazingly! I have a Librem 15v3 from Purism. My home dir is a maze of old and new directories, odd files, tons of ~/Downloads junk. And the real kicker?

Posted by Craig Comstock
July 6, 2020

CFEngine migrates to FORTH language for policy in version 4.0.-4 (non-breaking change!)

Announcing CF4! (or is it CF-FORTH?!) I imagine you didn’t expect such a big release so soon after our most recent release of 3.12.4 and 3.15.1 on March 26, but here it is: our alpha-release. Thus the reason for the .-4 in the version number. Of course choosing -4 has something to do with the fun of spelling FORTH without the ‘U’. Also, it’s nearly a palindrome and I imagine we’ll have a few alphas/betas before the final release is finished.

Posted by Craig Comstock
April 1, 2020
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