Show Notes: The Agent is In - Episode 23 - Detecting Previously Hidden Malware With Invary & CFEngine

Posted by Nick Anderson
March 30, 2023

Can you trust the integrity of your base operating system runtime?

Jason Rogers and Dr. Wesley Peck of Invary join Cody, Craig and Nick to chat about their Runtime Integrity technology. They discuss the challenges of Trust, Information Technology Knowledge Management, and how Invary fits in the SecOps, Systems Automation, Security and Compliance landscape. Nick shares an example of an early integration between CFEngine and the Invary RISe agent1 with reporting in Mission Portal and talks about the different ways to approach integration.

  • 00:37 - Introductions
  • 03:39 - What is Invary?2
  • 04:49 - Technology Origins
  • 06:42 - How Invary works3
  • 16:01 - Other technology applications
  • 33:32 - Integrating with Invary


The video recording is available on YouTube:

At the end of every webinar, we stop the recording for a nice and relaxed, off-the-record chat with attendees. Join the next webinar to not miss this discussion.

  1. Try Invary’s Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) for free to detect hidden malware in your OS. ↩︎

  2. Runtime Integrity Measurement, Kernel Mode Rootkits & how the Drovorub rootkit works. ↩︎

  3. Ongoing, monthslong malware campaign that’s targeting and stealing data from pharmaceutical, IT services and consulting firms through their internet routers. ↩︎

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