Show notes: The agent is in - Episode 26 - Demo of CFEngine 3.22

Posted by Nick Anderson
June 29, 2023

Have you seen what’s new in CFEngine 3.22.0?

Ole Herman Elgesem, CFEngine Product Manager joins Cody, Craig and Nick to give a tour of the changes in recently released CFEngine 3.22.0 Mission Portal. See how filters have been improved and how the new Groups feature makes it easier to affect change across your infrastructure and enforce package compliance with a new module, packages-allowlist-snapshot from CFEngine Build.


The video recording is available on YouTube:

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  • 00:58 - New filter UI
  • 03:33 - Groups in Mission Portal
  • 19:28 - packages-allowlist-snapshot module from CFEngine Build
  • 27:21 - Controlling packages-allowlist-snapshot using Group data