Show notes: The agent is in - Episode 29 - Basic Docker inventory with CFEngine

Posted by Nick Anderson
September 28, 2023

Ever been curious about Docker details or the cruft that has built up and could be cleared out?

Craig, Cody, and Nick chat about some of the work Craig has been doing recently, using Docker in development and CI. Craig shows how to develop policy to inventory various Docker details like image names, counts of dangling images, and reclaimable disk space.


The video recording is available on YouTube:

At the end of every webinar, we stop the recording for a nice and relaxed, off-the-record chat with attendees. Join the next webinar to not miss this discussion.

  • 00:20 - What Craig has been doing with Docker lately
  • 01:48 - Interesting information about Docker
  • 07:21 - Implementing Docker Inventory
  • 23:58 - Inventorying associative arrays instead of lists to avoid truncation
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